Aluminium Trays and Lids - 180 x 140mm - Tray - Perforared

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  • £8.70 inc VAT
Aluminium Trays & Lids - [180mm trays will fit Prestige front loading Autoclaves] 180 x 140mm tray - Perforated

Introducing our high-quality Aluminium Trays and Lids, measuring 180 x 140mm. These trays are perfect for a variety of uses, including food storage, transportation, and presentation. The trays are made from durable and lightweight aluminium, making them easy to handle and transport. The trays feature perforations, allowing for easy ventilation and preventing moisture buildup. This makes them ideal for storing and transporting hot or cold foods, as well as for use in the oven or on the grill. The perforations also make the trays easy to clean, as any food residue can be easily washed away. The accompanying lids are designed to fit snugly onto the trays, ensuring that your food stays fresh and secure during transportation. The lids are also made from aluminium, providing an additional layer of protection against spills and leaks. These Aluminium Trays and Lids are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring that they are safe for use with food and will withstand the rigors of transportation and storage. They are perfect for use in restaurants, catering businesses, and for home use. In summary, our Aluminium Trays and Lids are a versatile and durable solution for all your food storage and transportation needs. With their perforated design and accompanying lids, they are the perfect choice for keeping your food fresh and secure. Manufactured to the highest standards, these trays are a reliable and long-lasting addition to any kitchen or business.