Chirofix - Chirofix - 2.5cm x 2 Rolls

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Chirofix - 10m roll - 2.5cm x 2 Rolls A non-woven fixing tape ideal for a first dressing and as a padding retention strapping

Chirofix is a high-quality medical tape that is designed to provide superior support and stability to injured or weak joints and muscles. Each roll of Chirofix measures 2.5cm in width and comes in a pack of 2 rolls, providing ample tape for multiple applications. Manufactured by a trusted and reputable company, Chirofix is made from premium materials that are gentle on the skin, yet strong enough to withstand the rigors of daily use. The tape is easy to apply and conforms to the contours of the body, providing a comfortable and secure fit that stays in place even during intense physical activity. Chirofix is ideal for use in a variety of settings, including sports medicine, physical therapy, and general healthcare. It can be used to support and stabilize joints and muscles, reduce pain and inflammation, and promote healing and recovery. Whether you are an athlete looking to prevent injury or a healthcare professional seeking a reliable and effective medical tape, Chirofix is the perfect choice. With its superior quality, ease of use, and versatility, Chirofix is sure to become a staple in your medical toolkit.

Brand: Chirofix