Effigerm Wound Care Hydrogell 1 Litre Solution

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Effigerm Wound Care Hydrogell 1 Litre Solution


• Cleanses and debrides wounds, Preventing Infections

• Effective wound irrigation solution

• Maintains optimal moisture levels

• Soothes sore, irritated skin

• Flushes irritants associated with wound malodour

• pH neutral and Hypoallergenic

• Proven healing effect on skin

• No potentially toxic ingredients

• Easy to use, no rubbing needed

• Perfume, Preservatives, and alcohol-free

• Safe if licked or swallowed

• Gentle on damaged skin

• Does not sting or burn

• Suitable for all ages, no rinsing required

• Moistens wound dressings, moisturises wounds, and loosens crusted dressings

• Contains hypochlorous acid for microbial control

• Helps prevent biofilm formation.

This product Upon opening is stable to the expiry date and does NOT need to be used within 6 months.