6. Gehwol Extra - 75ml Tube

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Gehwol - 6. Gehwol Extra -75ml Tube Universal footcream for daily care. Intensively cares for and strengthens overstrained feet. Protects against sore feet, athletes foot, foot odour, calluses, sores, blisters and dry skin. Contains natural oils that revitalize your feet, stimulate circulation and protect against cold and wet feet.

Gehwol Extra is a highly effective foot cream that is specially formulated to provide relief to dry, rough, and cracked skin. This cream is manufactured by Gehwol, a renowned brand that has been producing high-quality foot care products for over 140 years. The 75ml tube of Gehwol Extra is perfect for those who are looking for a compact and convenient foot cream that can be easily carried in their bag or purse. The tube is made of durable plastic and has a screw-on cap that ensures the cream stays fresh and hygienic. The Gehwol Extra foot cream is enriched with a blend of natural ingredients such as lanolin, camphor, and menthol that work together to soothe and moisturize dry and cracked skin. The cream also contains urea, which helps to soften and exfoliate rough skin, leaving your feet feeling smooth and supple. This foot cream is easy to apply and absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving no greasy residue. It has a refreshing scent that leaves your feet feeling cool and invigorated. Gehwol Extra is suitable for all skin types and can be used daily to maintain healthy and beautiful feet. In conclusion, Gehwol Extra is a must-have foot cream for anyone who wants to keep their feet looking and feeling their best. Its natural ingredients, convenient packaging, and effective formula make it a top choice for foot care enthusiasts everywhere.

Brand: Gehwol