3. Gehwol Med Deodrant Foot Cream - 500ml Dispenser

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Gehwol - 3 - Gehwol Med Deoderant Foot Cream - 500ml Dispenser Intensive deoderant foot cream. Suitable for diabetics. Contains a highly effective combination of manuka oil and active zinc oxides for long lasting elimination of strong foot odour. Manuka oil is skin friendly and has a broad spectrum efficacy against bacteria and fungi. Also contains Aloe Vera which has an anti- inflammatory. Regenerating and moisturizing effect.

The Gehwol Med Deodrant Foot Cream is a high-quality foot cream that is designed to provide long-lasting protection against foot odor. This cream is manufactured by Gehwol, a trusted name in foot care products, and comes in a convenient 500ml dispenser. The Gehwol Med Deodrant Foot Cream is specially formulated to combat foot odor by neutralizing the bacteria that cause it. This cream contains a blend of natural ingredients, including essential oils and plant extracts, that work together to keep your feet feeling fresh and clean all day long. In addition to its deodorizing properties, the Gehwol Med Deodrant Foot Cream also provides excellent moisturization for dry, cracked feet. This cream is rich and creamy, yet absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving your feet feeling soft and smooth. The 500ml dispenser makes it easy to apply the Gehwol Med Deodrant Foot Cream to your feet, and the large size means that you won't have to worry about running out anytime soon. This cream is perfect for use at home or in a professional setting, such as a spa or salon. Overall, the Gehwol Med Deodrant Foot Cream is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality foot cream that provides long-lasting protection against foot odor and moisturizes dry, cracked feet. With its natural ingredients and convenient dispenser, this cream is sure to become a staple in your foot care routine.

Brand: Gehwol