Hapla Orthoses - 3/4 Gel Insole - Large 9 - 11 insoles

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Haplabase Orthotic - Hapla Orthoses - Orthotic 3/4 Gel Insole - Large - 9 - 11 The Chiroform orthotic range is made from 100% pure silicone, providng excellent levels of comfort and conformability. • Gel is strong as resiliant and will not bottom out under repeated foot strive. • Blue gel areas created from softer off er extra comfort for areas under heavier loads.

The Hapla Orthoses 3/4 Gel Insole is a high-quality insole designed to provide superior comfort and support for individuals with foot pain or discomfort. These insoles are manufactured by Hapla, a leading provider of orthotic products. The 3/4 length design of these insoles provides support and cushioning to the heel and arch of the foot, while allowing for ample room in the toe area. The gel material used in the construction of these insoles provides excellent shock absorption, reducing the impact of each step and minimizing foot fatigue. These insoles are available in a large size, fitting shoe sizes 9-11. They are easy to trim to fit any shoe size or shape, ensuring a perfect fit for each individual user. The durable construction of these insoles ensures long-lasting use, even with daily wear. The Hapla Orthoses 3/4 Gel Insole is an excellent choice for individuals seeking relief from foot pain or discomfort. Whether you suffer from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or general foot fatigue, these insoles provide the support and cushioning you need to stay comfortable and active throughout the day.

Brand: Hapla