Haplagauz - Size - 12

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Haplagauz - 20m roll 100% bleached cotton. 12

Haplagauz is a high-quality, medical-grade padding material that is designed to provide superior cushioning and support for patients with foot and ankle injuries. This particular size, 12, is perfect for individuals with larger feet who require extra padding and protection. Manufactured by Hapla, a trusted name in the medical industry, Haplagauz is made from a soft, non-woven fabric that is gentle on the skin and helps to prevent irritation and discomfort. The padding is also highly absorbent, which helps to keep the foot dry and comfortable during extended periods of use. One of the key benefits of Haplagauz is its versatility. It can be easily cut to size and shape to fit any foot or ankle injury, making it an ideal choice for healthcare professionals and patients alike. Additionally, the padding is lightweight and easy to apply, which helps to reduce the overall burden on the patient. Overall, Haplagauz is an excellent choice for anyone in need of high-quality foot and ankle padding. Its superior cushioning and support, combined with its ease of use and versatility, make it a top choice for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Brand: Hapla