Jelonet - Size - 10cm x 10cm

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A sterile parafin gause dressing which is soothing and low adherent.


Jelonet - Size - 10cm x 10cm is a sterile, soft paraffin dressing that is designed to soothe and protect wounds. Manufactured by a trusted company, this product is made from a fine mesh gauze that is impregnated with a water-soluble paraffin jelly. The dressing is non-adherent, which means it won't stick to the wound, making it easy to remove without causing further damage or pain. The 10cm x 10cm size of this product is perfect for covering larger wounds, burns, and abrasions. The dressing is highly absorbent, which helps to keep the wound clean and dry, reducing the risk of infection. It also provides a barrier against external contaminants, such as dirt and bacteria, which can slow down the healing process. Jelonet - Size - 10cm x 10cm is suitable for use on a variety of wounds, including surgical wounds, lacerations, and ulcers. It can also be used to protect skin grafts and donor sites. The dressing is easy to apply and can be cut to size if necessary. This product is ideal for use in hospitals, clinics, and at home. It comes in a sterile, individually wrapped package, ensuring that it is free from contamination. Jelonet - Size - 10cm x 10cm is a reliable and effective wound dressing that provides gentle protection and promotes healing.

Brand: Jelonet