Mykored - Nail Tincture 500ml

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Mykored - Nail Tincture 500ml A range of topical preparations to help with both the treatment of fungal infections of the skin and nail infections. The pipette bottle is ideal for toe nail infections whilst the spray pump bottle is best for large areas of skin.


Mykored Nail Tincture is a highly effective solution for the treatment of fungal nail infections. This 500ml bottle is manufactured by a trusted brand and contains a powerful blend of active ingredients that work together to eliminate the fungus and restore the health of your nails. The tincture is easy to apply and quickly penetrates the nail bed to reach the source of the infection. It is formulated with natural antifungal agents that are gentle on the skin but tough on the fungus. The solution is also enriched with vitamins and minerals that nourish and strengthen the nails, promoting healthy growth. Mykored Nail Tincture is suitable for use on all types of nails, including those that are thickened or discolored due to fungal infection. It is safe for use by adults and children and can be used as a preventative measure to protect against future infections. The 500ml bottle provides ample supply for multiple treatments, making it a cost-effective solution for those seeking relief from fungal nail infections. The bottle is also designed with a convenient dropper cap that allows for precise application and minimizes waste. Overall, Mykored Nail Tincture is a reliable and effective solution for the treatment of fungal nail infections. Its natural ingredients and gentle formula make it a safe choice for anyone seeking relief from this common condition.

Brand: Mykored