Nailner Breathable Nail Polish

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Covers any unappealing damage with an attractive looking colour

Nailner breathable nail polish is a proven effective solution against nail fungus infection. With breathable nail polish camouflages any unsightly discoloration or damage caused by infected nails. How does Nailner Treat & Colour work? Nailner Colour combines treatment with breathable nail polish for healthy and beautiful nails all year long.

• Treat and colour

• Breathable nail polish

• Conceals any unsightly staining


Nailner Brush treatment fights fungal nail infection in three ways:

Penetrating the nail: unique ingredients saturate the nail and combat the fungus at its core.
Removing the infection: by lowering the nail’s pH level, Nailner restores its healthy environment and kills fungus.
Preventing new infection: Nailner protects the newly grown nail from infection when applied as daily maintenance. Nailner Breathable Nail Polish disguises unsightly damage with an attractive natural looking colour, making it an ideal solution for wearing open shoes. This breathable formula can be used on all nails, infected or healthy.

Features of Nailner treat and colour brush

· Restores the nail

· Protects newly grown nails

· Disguises damage

· Lowers the nails pH

· 250 applications