Otoform K2 - 170g Pack

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- Otoform K2 - 170g pack


Otoform K2 is a high-quality impression material that is designed to provide a comfortable and accurate fit for hearing aids and other ear devices. This 170g pack is manufactured by a leading company in the industry, and is made with the highest standards of quality and precision. The Otoform K2 impression material is easy to use and provides excellent results. It is a soft, pliable material that can be easily molded to the shape of the ear, providing a comfortable and secure fit. The material is also non-toxic and hypoallergenic, making it safe for use on all skin types. The 170g pack of Otoform K2 is perfect for those who need to make multiple impressions or who want to have extra material on hand for future use. The pack contains enough material to make several impressions, and comes with detailed instructions for use. Otoform K2 is also highly versatile, and can be used for a variety of applications beyond hearing aids. It can be used to make impressions for custom earplugs, swim molds, and other ear devices. The material is also compatible with a wide range of impression guns and other tools, making it easy to use with your existing equipment. Overall, the Otoform K2 170g pack is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a high-quality impression material for their ear devices. With its ease of use, versatility, and superior results, it is sure to provide a comfortable and accurate fit every time.

Brand: Otoform