Premier P.B.S Diamond Burs - Barrel

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Premier P.B.S Diamond Burs - Barrel Premier burs offer unsurpassed product life and performance through the exclusive PBS bonding process, which permanently bonds diamond to the bur surface. More efficient than steel or carbide instruments with greater patient acceptance of reduced heat generation

The Premier P.B.S Diamond Burs - Barrel is a high-quality dental instrument designed to provide precise and efficient cutting performance. Manufactured by Premier, a leading provider of dental products, this bur is made with the finest materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure superior quality and durability. The barrel shape of this bur is ideal for contouring and shaping dental materials, including composite resin, porcelain, and metal. The diamond coating on the bur provides exceptional cutting power and long-lasting performance, making it an essential tool for any dental practice. The Premier P.B.S Diamond Burs - Barrel is designed with a standard shank size, making it compatible with most dental handpieces. The bur is also color-coded for easy identification and organization, allowing for quick and efficient use during procedures. This bur is sterilizable and autoclavable, ensuring that it can be used repeatedly without compromising its performance or safety. It is also designed to minimize vibration and noise, providing a comfortable and efficient experience for both the dentist and the patient. Overall, the Premier P.B.S Diamond Burs - Barrel is a reliable and high-performing dental instrument that is essential for any dental practice. Its superior quality, durability, and precision make it a valuable investment for any dentist or dental professional.

Brand: Premier