Purell VF481 - 60ml

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Purell VF481 Antiviral sanitizing gel. Proven to significantly minimize resident micro-organism repopulation and eliminates transients from the hands. Works in as little as 15 seconds. Mild to skin. 100ml


Purell VF481 is a highly effective hand sanitizer that comes in a convenient 60ml bottle. Manufactured by a leading company in the hygiene industry, this product is designed to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria on your hands, leaving them clean and fresh. The formula of Purell VF481 is made with high-quality ingredients that are gentle on the skin, making it suitable for frequent use. It contains a blend of moisturizers that help to keep your hands soft and smooth, even with regular use. The compact size of the bottle makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go, whether it's in your purse, backpack, or pocket. The flip-top cap ensures that the product stays securely sealed, preventing any spills or leaks. Purell VF481 is perfect for use in a variety of settings, including at home, in the office, or on the go. It's ideal for use in public places such as schools, hospitals, and restaurants, where maintaining good hygiene is essential. Overall, Purell VF481 is a reliable and effective hand sanitizer that provides long-lasting protection against germs and bacteria. Its compact size, gentle formula, and convenient packaging make it a must-have for anyone who values cleanliness and hygiene.

Brand: Purell