Straight Cutting Edge - Ingrow Regular - 11cm Nippers

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Straight Cutting Edge Quality high grade stainless steel instrument. Ingrow Regular - 11cm Nippers


The Straight Cutting Edge - Ingrow Regular - 11cm Nippers are a high-quality tool designed for precision cutting of ingrown nails. These nippers are manufactured with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting. The cutting edge of these nippers is straight, allowing for a clean and precise cut every time. The 11cm size is perfect for use on both fingernails and toenails, making them a versatile tool for any professional or at-home nail care routine. The Ingrow Regular design of these nippers is specifically tailored to the needs of those with ingrown nails. The sharp cutting edge allows for easy removal of the ingrown portion of the nail, while the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip for extended use. These nippers are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that they are both rust-resistant and easy to clean. The compact size of these nippers makes them easy to store and transport, making them a great addition to any nail care kit. Overall, the Straight Cutting Edge - Ingrow Regular - 11cm Nippers are a must-have tool for anyone looking to maintain healthy and well-groomed nails. With their precision cutting edge and ergonomic design, these nippers are sure to become a staple in your nail care routine.