Swann Morton Blue Box - Carbon Steel Non - Sterile - Box of 100 - No.10

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Swann Morton Blue Box Box of 100 Blades Carbon Steel Non-Sterile No 10

The Swann Morton Blue Box is a high-quality surgical blade made from carbon steel. This non-sterile blade is designed to provide precision and accuracy during surgical procedures. The box contains 100 blades, each with a No.10 size. The blades are manufactured by Swann Morton, a trusted name in the medical industry. The carbon steel construction of the Swann Morton Blue Box ensures that the blades are durable and long-lasting. The No.10 size is ideal for making small incisions and is commonly used in a variety of surgical procedures. The blades are non-sterile, which means they are not suitable for use in sterile environments. The Swann Morton Blue Box is designed to be easy to use and handle. The blades are sharp and precise, allowing for clean and accurate incisions. The box is compact and easy to store, making it a convenient addition to any medical facility. Overall, the Swann Morton Blue Box is a reliable and high-quality surgical blade that is perfect for a variety of medical procedures. With its durable carbon steel construction and precise No.10 size, this blade is a must-have for any medical professional.

Brand: Swann Morton